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Valerie Hall

Valerie Hall

I own and operate Freebies4MeBeez.com along with my husband. I and am in my 30’s and play rock/metal drums in my spare time. I enjoy nothing more than finding an awesome bargain or freebie! A wife of a musician and 9-5’er for the past 7 years, I do all I can to make the penny stretch as far as possible and find my passion to be in helping others save money and have a little fun while doing it! :)

9 Responses

  1. Stephanie Upton says:

    Love this idea!!?? Sounds like fun!! I’m off to posting!!?? Thanks!!??

  2. Aly says:

    Do tweet shares and Google plus shares count?

  3. Bj says:

    So all I have to do is share your posts on fb

  4. Kristina Harrelson says:

    Hello ladies,

    So I take it from reading this that only FB shares count? That’s a drag because, I had lots of retweets when I posted it on my twitter account..oh well. So I guess you’ll be able to tell how many times I share on Facebook by looking at whose shared duh..lol I’m so use to using my own links to promote the different sites I’m signed up with. I’m probably going to start sharing more on my other Facebook account. That one is Kiki N Nazii (Girls On The Go)..I’m pretty sure I already liked your page from that account too but, I’ll go check just to make sure. 😉

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