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Valerie Hall

Valerie Hall

I own and operate along with my husband. I and am in my 30’s and play rock/metal drums in my spare time. I enjoy nothing more than finding an awesome bargain or freebie! A wife of a musician and 9-5’er for the past 7 years, I do all I can to make the penny stretch as far as possible and find my passion to be in helping others save money and have a little fun while doing it! :)

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  1. Rtvecchiatelli@gmail. Com says:

    Need some freebies for community organisations I am helping. I had a stroke trying to get back into the swing of things. Help

    • Your best bet would be to call or email the companies directly or just start ordering every free sample we post and they will start flowing into your mailbox pretty quickly. We don’t actually keep a stockpile of samples so we don’t have any to donate per say – but I would definintely call companies directly – especially starting at this time of year when companies are looking to help the needy and get a tax break.

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