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Just fill out the form to contact us with any questions or inquires.  Here are a few things you may want to contact us about:

  • I need help with a Freebie – Unless otherwise specified, we don’t actually stock or ship the freebies.  The exception is when it’s one of our own contests.  We recommend going to the help section of the site holding the freebie or posting in the comments section so others can help as well.
  • I love your site! – We get a lot of praise and we absolutely love it, keep it coming guys!
  • A Link is Broken – Freebies often don’t last long.  We try our hardest to catch them when they are no longer valid but if you see one don’t hesitate to let us know so we can fix it!
  • Product Test Requests – We are Top Amazon Reviewers and will give your product an honest review that influences others!
  • Guest Blogging Requests – We’d be more than happy to write a guest spot on your blog in exchange for the same.  Let’s talk and exchange some links!
  • Advertise with us – Have a product and you’re looking for some exposure from our site?  Just drop us a line and we’ll find a price and plan that works for you.

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Alternatively, if you want to sign up for our freebies newsletter, feel free to use sign up forms on the top bar or bottom footer of our page.  Thanks and enjoy your stay at!

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